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Thank you Toronto!

Nov 15, 2023

Hi everyone!
Finally home and semi-rested. It was a fun fun weekend with all of you. Never a dull moment!
We’re already making plans/changes for the spring show. It’s going to be fun!

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. I know the way we do things is…how should I say….different? 🙂 but it sure is fun. We all try to make it interesting here. Having mom around certainly has helped that too. We’ve found there really isn’t any sense of humor in this business anymore. We try to change that! 🙂

So moving forward, a bunch of baseball on the horizon and we’re just getting started with basketball and the new monster Wembanyama. Lots of new stuff on the way. Plus, the 1st cards of Bedard are just a few months away. It’s going to be a fun time!

If anyone needs anything, I’m always here. Great seeing everyone again! Even will. It was even great seeing will this time!!

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