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Canadian update – tentative schedule and other stuff!!

Hey gang!

Here’s the latest schedule updates along with some other stuff!

UD2 February 14th — I’ll be in town for the release as I mentioned before. Question – since it’s valentines day, should we not get together that night? Will you all be celebrating with your girls? We can back things up a night if it’s easier and I can have everything ready for you all to go through at your leisure whenever you get to the hotel. Totally up to all of you. Majority rules here…..

Next UD AHL — March 7 release date. I’ll have a case available. I know some of you have already ordered. Anyone else interested, let me know ASAP. Boxes, singles, whatever. Just get your orders in soon!

Next — UD CHL

I just confirmed my order today.. If anyone wants boxes, I’ll have them available. . I have 30 boxes available right now. Whatever doesn’t sell as boxes I’m going to break when it opens so I’ll have the product for everyone one way or another. Order deadline is going to be Valentines day, when I’m in town for UD 2. Release date right now is March 21. As of now, I’ll be there that week for that release as well.

If anyone needs me to bring anything special with me for next month, let me know ASAP. I want to make sure I have time to get everything together.



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